Clover Press Launches Kickstarter Campaign Celebrating Centennial Anniversary Of The 19th Amendment

Clover Press Launches Kickstarter Campaign Celebrating Centennial Anniversary of The 19th Amendment 

New Campaign Will Feature 5 Poster Prints Originally Issued During The Women's Suffrage Movement

SAN DIEGO, CA (January 27th, 2020) – Clover Press is joining Kickstarter's "Make 100" initiative with a set of poster prints celebrating the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment! This amendment gave women the right to vote, and each poster is a replica of a poster used during the Suffrage movement. Being part of the Make 100 project means Clover will offer backers a limited-edition, unique collection to their fans.

"We're proud to bring this project to life as a reminder that it was a mere 100 years ago, in 1920, that women were finally granted the right to vote," says Clover Press Co-Founder, Elaine LaRosa. This right did not come without a fight, it took perseverance and great personal sacrifice over decades to make a change. We honor their dedication and acknowledge the fight for equality continues."

With this campaign Clover Press is celebrating those women who held firm in the face of adversity by releasing reproduction posters of some of the most iconic protest signs and posters that made the movement succeed. 4 different posters will be available for $20 each, with a fifth poster being offered as a Kickstarter Make 100 limited-edition exclusive. 

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