Meet Ted Adams!

Ted Adams has spent almost 30 years in the entertainment business. He started his career working for
Eclipse Comics in 1990 and also worked at Dark Horse, WildStorm, and Todd McFarlane Productions
before founding IDW in 1999. While at IDW, he oversaw all divisions of IDW Media Holdings, including
IDW Publishing, Top Shelf, IDW Entertainment, IDW Games, and CTM. While in that position he
helped raise the company’s market capitalization from $30 million to $300 million.
Adams has also written a number of graphic novels, including adaptations of Richard Matheson’s The
Shrinking Man and H.G. Wells’ The Island of Dr. Moreau and co-created Diablo House with artist
SantiPerez. He is also an Executive Producer on a number of projects including the feature film, 30
Days of Night, and the TV shows, Wynonna Earp, Dirk Gently, V-Wars, October Faction, and Locke &
Adams is also on the Board of Directors of Traveling Stories, a San Diego based non-profit that helps
children in underserved communities fall in love with reading, and is the Treasurer for Comic Book
Legal Defense Fund, a Portland based non-profit dedicated to protecting the First Amendment rights of
the comics medium.
Adams has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business from Southern Oregon University and an MBA from the
University of Notre Dame.


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